Mindful Matters

Hello all! Much has happened since my last post! We are still winning! Our win count has reached 196! We are so close to 200. Aside from the awesome prizes, we are really excited because we set the intention to have more than 200 wins before Christmas. Just yesterday we had 5 wins in a day! Beating our previous record of 4 in a day.  I posted on Our Attraction in Action at the begining of the week stating that we wanted to beat our record of 4 wins in a day and just yesterday we did! Ask and you shall recieve! Check it out below…


Marina and I have had many conversations, as you do when living together.  Sometimes we deliberately speak of something in order to manifest it. Other times we just have a chat and a laugh without any conscious intention to manifest. In this post I will give you some examples of our success with literally speaking things into existence, without the need of the other steps we have outlined before. Don’t get me wrong, the steps are extremely important tools to get you on the road to manifesting, so I highly recommend keeping them up, especially if you are at the beginning of your LOA journey. So here goes… 


One day Marina and I were discussing how we love to win for others. Dont get me wrong, winning for ourselves is great. But winning for someone we love and care for has to be one of the best feelings. Especially when we get to see the smile on their faces after. I recently won a helicopter ride for 8 people and gifted four of the passes to my parents, my sister and her boyfriend. They went and had an amazing time! I was so delighted to receive the photographs of them all smiling from ear to ear! We have often gifted tickets to different events we’ve won to friends and family too!

Anywho, Marina and I were speaking one day about winning for others and the good feelings that come with it. Soon after this discussion the next couple of wins I had were from competitions that asked us to nominate someone to win the prize for. I won a bouquet of Flowers for my Mam and a hamper from home for my uncle Brian who lives abroad! They both were extremely excited and delighted!  Check out the Screenshots above!


On another day as we watched a TV commercial. I wondered, “how do the people on it get to do the commercial?”. Like, how do the customers who were reviewing their experiences with the company end up in the ads. I asked Marina what she thought and she suggested they might be actors or something. I was just curious, it was no big deal. So we changed the conversation and went about our evening. A week later I get a private message from D.I.D electricals, a big electrical store in Ireland. They had a competition a few months back and although I didn’t win it, they said they enjoyed my comment on the competition and would like it if I could be filmed as part of their 50th Birthday advertising campaign….. I agreed and now I will be talking about my experiences with their company in an advert… 


I mean, old Faye would have said, “what are the chances? What a huge coincidence!”. But now I know that the Universe is always listening and has a funny way of answering us at times haha! I will also be paid 150 euro in vouchers for their store in return for the favor… It feels amazing when something like this manifests, I briefly questioned something, in a daze, watching Telly and next thing I’m literally getting my answer plus added bonuses! The universe works in mysterious ways… 

Note to self: Never wonder and ask out loud what it’s like to die… 

Here is another example, Marina and I were discussing with excitement, our plans to vist Japan someday and a few days later I won Japanese lessons… I mean the list goes on. We are so mindful now about what we give our attention to. What we speak about is so important.  It’s essential to focus on the good stuff. Even in the bad times, try and draw your attention to what is good in your life.

It does seem difficult at first, but it really does work. We all get our down days and its how we deal with them that makes all the difference and ensures that we don’t get caught in that downward spiral of negativity, that often ends up in attracting more negative experiences to ourselves. Mindfulness and meditation works really well for us especially when we are going through a rough time. We also love to go out and have a laugh, watch a funny movie, listen to an upbeat songs, go to a playground and swing around like big kids haha! Anything that will raise our good vibes is always helpful!  


Before I started to learn about the LOA, for a good few years, I was negative practically all of the time. Everything and anything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. I would give out about everyone and everything. I would get sucked into other people’s drama. I know now that it was because I was unhappy in myself, I was deflecting. I was distracting from the fact that I felt miserable deep down. A lot of us tend to point out other people’s flaws, for fear of anyone picking up on our own. It’s ridiculous when you think about it. But its extremely common.

Everything was always everyone else’s fault. I found myself attracting people of the same nature. We would sit and bitch and moan about all kinds of everything. It was a vicious cycle and not healthy for any of us. I am so grateful that I got away from that. I soon realized my mistakes. Anyone who is truly happy in life doesn’t waste time blaming and judging others. They live their lives. I used to be in denial and excuse my behavour by playing the victim card or by thinking, “Ah it’s only a bit of harmless gossip.” Looking back, I know now how harmful it is. Focusing on the negative all of the time keeps you stuck in a rut. It attracts likeminded people who generally end up causing more problems for you. It blocks any kind of positive opportunities from manifesting. It can and will ruin your life, if you let it.


It took me a while to start changing those old bad habits. It took a lot of self analysis, self love, meditaton and mindfulness. I’ve always been a good person deep down, but I got caught up in the BS. So I learnt to keep things positive! I now appreciate people for their accomplishments and contributions. I focus on their strengths. I take responsibility for my actions. I am grateful for what I have rather than focusing on what I don’t have. I look to find the good in the bad. It makes life so much easier.

A small example of how behaving this way will help you manifest even more is, when we don’t win a competition..OMG shock horror! Yes…it happens sometimes haha… We always feel excited for the winner/winners, we congratulate them and feel joy for them. In doing so not only are we sending out some good positive vibes, we are telling the universe that, “YES! This is what we want!”

In the beginning I remember occaionally feeling low or a little jealous that I didn’t win and then I wouldnt win for ages. I would then learn to accept that there is more than enough to go around, I would feel the excitement for others winning and my wins would then flood back in! It truly is an amazing experience. I am grateful for all of the lessons that have brought me to where I am today.

We need to appreciate and support one another. To eradicate jealously and judgement. We are so much more powerful as a community when we lift one another up. Making these changes, one small step at a time, has made a huge difference to my life and Marina’s.  We feel lighter and freer now from emotions associated with negativity, such as guilt and shame. We have made some wonderful new connections and memories with people who uplift and support us. This is just the beginning for us. If we can accomplish so much in just two years, in terms of turning our lives around, imagine what life will be like for us in two more years?! We are very excited and feel so grateful to have a platform such as this and our social media accounts to share our story with the hopes to inspire others to evoke positive changes in their lives also.


I hope that you can take something away from this today that might make a difference in your life! If you would like to follow us on our winning journey, you can see lots more updates on our page Our attraction in Action Thank you for reading and Happy Manifesting!


Why Journal?

Since we began Our Attraction In Action we have recieved a lot of questions about the different steps involved in manifesting. Some questions in particular were about Journaling. So I decided to write about this subject to hopefully answer said questions.

Journaling is an essential part of my daily routine. I have a journal/diary that I write my gratitude lists, affirmations and intentions within. I write about the experiences I wish to attract as if they already exist. 

For example, “I am so thankful for all of the unexpected money that continues to flow into my life abundantly. I am a money magnet. I adore how it feels to win. Everyday in every way my life is improving and it’s extremely exciting! I am grateful to the universe for sending me many wonderful opportunities.” 

I write about every little area in my life that I wish to improve. Take Travel for example, before I journal I choose a place in the world that I’ve dreamt about visiting. I research all of the best destinations to visit there, the type of food and drink, top things to do there and so on. I then journal about how exciting it is to visit this country using the information sourced online.

For example, my dream is to go to Japan some day. 

So I would write something like this, “Today we did a tea drinking ceremony in a beautiful building just down the road from the traditional Ryokan we are staying in. The ceremony was peaceful and a wonderful new experience. We then walked to the summit of Mt. Fuji. I felt as if my breathe was taken away whilst I stood in awe of the view….”. I would continue on for a couple of pages. 

The idea is to be detailed and visualize these scenarios as you write them. Smile as you write. Know that it’s only a matter of time before it manifests. 

In terms of winning I would write about the specific items and experiences I want to win, I would go into detail about how they have improved my life. One of my favorite manifestations was winning a year supply of Revive Active health supplement. I made a vision board for it. I journaled about how it would benefit Marinas health. I spoke about it like it was already mine in and outside of my journal. I let go, had faith and lo and behold… I WON! I watched as they pulled my name out of a bowl on a live video. 

✨✨✨ CHECK IT OUT! ✨✨✨

I normally journal first thing in the morning and last thing before bed but sometimes at random times. It’s a great way to set your intentions for the day, to express your gratitude and to get excited while you write your future into existence! Try to enjoy it. Don’t look at journaling like a chore. Get creative. If you make physical vision boards you could have them in your journal too, like a scrap book! 

Another Reason why I love journaling is looking back on what I’ve written and find that I’ve already manifested something I wrote about some time ago. It’s such an amazing feeling to have that moment.  It helps boost belief and motivation to keep going with My Attraction In Action.


  1. Use a good pen. You want to be comfortable while writing in your journal, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable pen that keeps slipping or causing you pain. 
  2. A hardback journal is more durable, I bring my journal every where with me in case the mood strikes, last thing you want is it getting damaged. 
  3. Make it fun. Don’t pressure yourself. Start writing and ask the universe to guide your pen too. Ask for inspired thought to help you with your creative writing. 
  4. Make sure you are somewhere calm and quiet or have headphones in with relaxing music. The less distraction the better. 
  5. SMILE! You can’t help but feel good when you smile, so as you write feel excited and put all of that positive energy into your journal! 
  6. Take care of your journal treat it with respect, love and care. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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✨✨Happy Manifesting All! ✨✨✨

Visualize and Materialize

The power of Vision Boards.

A couple of weeks ago I made a vision board and posted it to our Instagram account. Within that vision board I had an image of Marina and I at one of our happiest moments, the words “winner”, “congratulations”, “thank you”, “ask, believe, receive” and “VIP ticket”. I made sure to include colorful images and the color I would associate with a VIP lifestyle. I posted it on the 10th of (June. See screenshot below.)

That week we had many wins. I think 6 in total. What amazed me was that we did not just win a lot, but a lot of what we won were VIP tickets to different events all over Ireland. We win so frequently now that we expect it every week. Some weeks we have a minimum of 2 wins and some a max of 7. As time goes by we win more and more. It’s an amazing feeling.

Vision boards are so powerful, but are even more powerful when you put the work in behind them. You can’t just make a vision board and expect the contents to magically appear. You need to put in the effort. We have been using the law of attraction successfully for a year and a half now. We continue to learn as we go. But the main thing that has added to our success is persistence and routine. We have incorporated several steps into our daily routine.

1. Gratitude lists

2. Affirmations

3. Positive thinking

4. Mindfulness

5. Meditation and visualization

6. Believe

7. Let go

We also journal and write about what we want as if we already have it. I’ll speak more about journaling soon. All of these steps combined will get you on the right track to manifesting easily, effortlessly and almost instantly.

I make Vision Boards on my phone. There are fantastic apps out there that are really handy for this. Hay House VB is one of them and is available in the App Store. I then save the vision board or screenshot it and set it as my screensaver. It’s so easy and saves time.

Physical vision boards are just as powerful if you have the time to make one.

Top tips on how to create a perfect vision board.

1. Keep it colorful and bright

2. Add an image of yourself at your happiest moment

3. Keep an even balance between words and images. Don’t overwhelm the board with words.

4. Feel good when you are making it

5. Use specific words that resonate with exactly what you want to attract

6. Don’t overcrowd a vision board with all of the items, experiences or things that you want to attract. Pick one specific thing, for example, Travel.

7. Have a vision board for each area of your life that you want to improve. For example, Love, Travel, Career, Dream home… etc.

Be sure to feel good when you are creating your vision board! Feel excited about what you are putting on it and believe you are worthy of manifesting your hearts desires.

⭐️⭐️⭐️CHECK IT OUT! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I made this vision board and posted it to my Instagram on Sunday the 19th of June… just a few days ago my partner Marina won this…. just like magic and just in time for our three year anniversary! Thank you Universe you always provide for us! 🤩

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed what I had to share today. We have more interviews done and more to do so I’ll be sure to post up the links to the podcasts in my next post!

In the meantime why not pop on over to our Facebook page to see what we have going on there. Happy Wednesday! ☺️💜


Believing is Seeing

I used to always believe that seeing is believing. I would need proof before even agreeing with certain theories. That’s why my logical brain had some issues with the Law of Attraction in the beginning. It was hard to shift from that “Seeing is Believing” mentality to “Believing is Seeing”. But I continued on with my research and my daily application of the Law of Attraction to my routine. I distracted myself from certain thoughts. A little voice would come in occasionally to try and spread doubt in my mind. I used meditation and mindfulness to deal with that.

The funny thing is that once I gave the Law of Attraction a good try, I began to nourish and develop my belief in it. I began to reawaken that child like wonder within that believes in magic. Lets face is, the Law of Attraction once mastered does indeed feel like magic. It’s gotten to a point now where I will say to Marina, “Oh I would like to go on a holiday.” and next thing she would win flight vouchers or I would win a weekend away. The more my belief grew, the more competitions I would win, the more competitions I would win, the more my belief grew. Its an amazing feeling. But it did take a lot of work in the beginning to re-wire my brain to get to this point of believing is seeing. Affirmations are a wonderful tool to achieve this.

Even if you don’t believe the affirmation when you are saying it at first, that’s OK. I didn’t either but by way of repetition it became ingrained in my subconscious and eventually my conscious mind. I just expect to win now. It’s become like routine. One of my main affirmations from the beginning is, “I am an infinite winner in every sense of the word.” It is working because my partner and I have reached 148 wins so far which continue to rise every week. We have even started entering less competitions deliberately to test it out. We are winning the same amount and sometimes more.

Since setting up our Facebook page we have received wonderful feedback from our followers. We share our top tips and have coached people on how to apply Our Attraction in Actions winning formula to their lives. So far we’ve had several people say its worked to help them win competitions. It’s also helped others get that job they wanted. We feel so grateful to be in a position to share our story to inspire others.


If you haven’t checked out our page already, here’s the link below.


In my next post I will discuss vision boards and how they may or may not be working for you. Thanks for reading! Happy Monday.




Hello and Happy Friday to you all!



So as you may know from my previous post, Marina and I designed a Vision Board Workshop. We had our first one this bank holiday Monday gone and it was a complete SUCCESS! We feel so grateful to all of the people that made it possible. We also have had such a huge response online that we have decided to roll out our workshops with more dates for different places around Ireland. The intention we have set for ourselves is that we will have frequent Workshops, not limited to Vision Boards, all over Ireland and possibly abroad!! Who knows! Anything is possible when you have self belief and faith that the Universe will provide!

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Although I was extremely nervous in the beginning, I still managed to let go and move on. We met some wonderful people who all had experiences and information to add to the mix, this gave us food for thought. I am always open to learning more in order to develop further.


We want to share our experiences with the world. We feel that our research of techniques from different Law of Attraction Guru’s, Holistic practice specialists, numerous Philosophers and Meditation practices has guided us towards developing a simple strategy on how to apply the Law of Attraction to your life, with little or no effort in order to start manifesting easily and effortlessly. This of course includes personal additions too. We designed the strategy based around our own busy personal lives. Lets face it, most people don’t have all day or even a couple of hours a day to do these things. By implementing some of the simple principles of the law of attraction into our routines, it eventually becomes the norm.. Meaning there is no need for you to stress or worry about getting around to making time to apply the LOA to your life.

Marina and I are currently in the process of developing our book. A book of guidance on how to apply the Law of Attraction to your life, as we have done so successfully. Now, we aren’t trying to tell people to use it to win competitions. Competitions were our way of testing the theory and by GOSH did we get our proof! haha but as much as we love winning and want it to continue for as long as we need it, we also want to get the main message across. That message being that you can apply the Law of Attraction successfully to any area of your life, be it, Love, Career, Finances, Family and so on by using our simple strategy… but if you want to use it to win competitions too then go for it!

This whole Journey has been amazing for us and we believe it is just the beginning of something even more MIND BLOWING. We are so grateful to modern technology that we can help spread the message to the world and hopefully inspire others, as we go.

One question that seems to pop up frequently when we speak to people is, “Is it possible to be positive all of the time?” We want to be clear with this because sometimes self help books or people doing what we are doing get a bad rep due to miscommunication or misunderstanding. We are in NO WAY saying that you have to be positive ALL OF THE TIME. We are merely suggesting to embrace more positivity in your life. To see the good in things rather than jumping to the negative. It would be unnatural to be positive 24/7. I can only imagine how tiring that would be too. Its like Yin and Yang, we need the negative at times to balance things out. BUT! as long as you don’t let the negative CONSUME you, then all will be well. I am grateful for the negative things that have happened in my life because each one has thought me a valuable lesson and shaped me into the woman I am today. There are external forces at play, these forces can be negative and do challenge our positive thinking, but as long as you face them and acknowledge what they are, rather than absorb the negative energy that comes from these experiences… well then, you’re onto a winner! Some times a good cry is great for releasing negative energy too! As they say, you cannot have light without darkness! I guess what I am trying to say here is you will have down days, heck everyone does! But during those down days do not allow it to turn into a down week or month or year! Let it all out, let it go and trust that all will be well. The Universe has your back.

I am so excited to also update you on our latest combined win total. We are at a WHOPPING 124 wins now and we feel so grateful for it all. I can feel another win on the way! Lets make it 125 before the end of today!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have an AWESOME weekend. Be sure to check out our Facebook page too for more updates and top tips!



When one door closes, another opens…



As you may know, we have been doing numerous interviews in the media. We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to hopefully help inspire other people. We have now set our intention that we want to do Televised interviews. I have sent emails to different Irish day time TV shows with the hopes that they will want to share our story.

So far we have had lots of people message Our Attraction in Action page thanking us for helping to remind them to be positive and asking for tips. We are so thankful to have this opportunity to talk to so many lovely like minded people. This is just the beginning for us and we feel as if Our Attraction in Action will go very far. In fact I even made a hilarious vision board of us on the Ellen show. How awesome would that be? Anything is possible with the Law of Attraction!

We want to make it known that although The Secret started us off on this journey that it was our strategy that has made our winning so successful. Marina used the Law of Attraction well before I came on the scene and it was never as successful for her. We believe that the combination of different holistic methods and some of the principles of the LOA is what made our strategy so triumphant! We have been sharing lots of information we found during our research of the LOA plus holistic methods on our Our Attraction in Action Facebook page. We believe that this information should be easily available to everyone, as it is something that is natural and within us all.

In other exciting news we have teamed up with the wonderful Fiona McDonagh to do intimate VISION BOARD workshops. The first one will be on this May bank holiday Monday. After receiving so many messages from people asking for top tips we wanted to come up with a creative and fun way to help others use the LOA as successfully as we have. Its not just for winning competitions either, people can use it to attract anything they want into their lives. Maybe you might want that Job promotion, a new car, weight loss motivation or just something good to happen for family members. This strategy can be used by anyone and can work if you follow the steps.

In the workshop we will be giving in depth coverage of how we began our successful LOA journey with top tips, meditation combined with visualization, fun conversations, Vision board creation, refreshments and it will end with a deeply relaxing Sound Bath by Fiona. Check out Fiona’s page on Facebook! Marina and I both go to her for different treatments often and we can’t recommend her enough!


Not too long ago I felt lost, I went from winning competitions all around me to NADA for a full month. In this month things had happened in work, I was being misrepresented by my supervisor to my boss. My work load and responsibilities outside of my contract kept growing and growing which made it impossible for me to do each individual task up to the standard that I wanted. Being under pressure I made silly mistakes, I felt like I was under a microscope. Therefor it made it impossible for me to do my job successfully. I made a huge decision based on other circumstances going on, to leave the job. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but I felt like I had no other option.

It was the best decision I have ever made. Within a week of leaving the competition wins flooded back in, I felt more confident in my abilities, I felt lighter and happier. Aside from the competition wins so many amazing opportunities arose.

I believe that this negative situation affected my positive frequency. I was unable to manifest because these issues had taken up space in my head. Thankfully I made the right decision. Aside from all of the publicity I have some exciting new design projects in the works and made some fantastic connections with amazing people who have helped push me in the right direction. I’m really excited to see what will come next…

UPDATE: We are now at a combined total of 116 wins!!!

Almost Famous…


These past few days have been unbelievable. I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post up here, until now.

Ok, so where to start? In one of my last posts I talked about winning an amazing experience from Dominos. We got to go to the Ireland’s Got Talent Final. We met some awesome people there. One person being Nicola. She took my details on the night, I wasn’t sure if Nicola would get back to me at all, but thankfully she did!

Nicola contacted me a few days after the event to organize an over the phone interview. Nicola works for the Irish Sun. After the interview they sent a photographer over to photograph Marina and I with numerous items we have won. It was so surreal having our picture taken for the paper. Not to mention my cheeks were killing me from all of the smiling. Anyway, a couple of days passed and our story came out in The Irish Sun newspaper and online. We got a huge spread too! As soon as the paper came out our phones went insane! We got an abundance of calls and texts from friends and family with well wishes and congratulations. Amongst all the excitement I receive a message from Clare FM radio and a phone call from WLRFM radio.

Long story short we did two radio interviews today. We love the buzz that is surrounding our story. It’s been so amazing hearing from people about how excited they are for us. We feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to use any publicity we’ve received so far to help promote positive thinking, mindfulness, the attitude of gratitude and meditation.

Here’s the link to my interview with WLRFM


Although our journey began with the Secret we have come across so many other inspiring books and motivational speakers along the way. Louise Hay in particular has truly touched our lives. Her words are extremely inspiring and make you think in such a way that is so healing to your inner self. We have taken inspiration from many different areas and from that compiled a list of things to do everyday that so far has been working really well for us. I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come! I feel like this is just the beginning of something truly magical….

We have also set up a Facebook page to help share our story. We named it Our Attraction in Action. We would love if you could give our page a like and a follow! Thank you in advance here’s the link.


Below is the link to the online article from the Irish Sun.