100 wins and counting!!!


Yesterday I had another win, bringing my partner and I’s combined total wins to 100. We feel so blessed and grateful. We have won amazing prizes from money to hampers, concert tickets to hotel stays, flights and much more. This all started happening after I began to be open up to the idea of the Law of Attraction and its principles. Almost immediately after I began to learn from my partner we started winning all around us. It’s such an amazing feeling. We get post and deliveries every week with items we’ve won. One of my favorite recent wins was my new coffee machine. I had been going on for weeks about winning one and it became a reality. I now fully believe that you can attract whatever your heart desires into existence. By remaining positive, feeling gratitude, giving back in some way (I volunteer within the community) and believing that you deserve to have whatever you want in life.

When you are truly grateful for what you have now, rather than dwelling on what you don’t have you will in turn attract more wonderful things to be grateful for. In my experience, If you spend time dwelling on what you don’t have and put all of that negative energy out there, the universe will respond with more negative stuff for you. You will also attract more reasons to feel that you are lacking in something whether its money or love etc. I believe that the universe gives you what you focus on. So if  for example you focus on winning (like I have done), do the steps and let go…then you will more than likely win. It’s a tough one to get your head around, trust me, I know. But once you just start applying some or all of the principles to your life, it will become more clear.

As I mentioned before, I started off small. Each morning I wrote 10 things in that moment that I felt grateful for. I said 10 positive affirmations every day. I made some vision boards on really cool apps on my phone, I then let go and went about my day. Almost immediately great things started happening, but don’t worry if it takes a while too. It depends on the frame of mind your in. It depends on your surroundings. If there are any negative influences in your life it can delay or stand in the way of attracting.

In my next post I will discuss my experience with attracting money. Trust me, you are going to want to read this…


The National Lottery’s 30th Birthday

The National Lottery

Out of all of our wins so far there are a few that have really stuck with me. As I mentioned before, we do vision boards. I had created one specifically to try and attract a lottery win. Now, the experts say that you must be extremely clear about what you want and believe its possible. For me it became easy to win competitions because I have experienced what it is like and I can remember that in my visualizations. But with the lottery this was a whole different kind of ball game. I have never experienced a National Lottery Jackpot win and I have been brought up with the notion that the chances of winning the Lottery were slim to none. Therein lies the issue. You must believe something is possible in order to attract it.

Although the odds were stacked against me, I still tried. Before you get excited, I haven’t attracted a National Lottery win….yet. But something happened that really blew my mind. At this stage the skeptic in me had completely left the building. My partner and I continued to create our vision boards on our phones, there are some really cool apps you can get for creating vision boards easily and effortlessly. Which is great if you have a busy schedule. There are even apps for Gratitude lists too. I found this handy when I was working, I would spend about ten mins in the morning and ten mins before bed doing my gratitude lists and writing down what I wanted to attract.

Our vision boards included a photograph of the two of us with big happy smiles on our faces, the National lottery logo, the National lottery champagne glasses and buzz words like winner or  short affirmations. I still continued to create vision boards for winning competitions too because I was thoroughly enjoying having post arrive every week with free gifts and prizes. Before I get to the main point of the story I must express the significance of the National lottery Champagne glasses. These glasses are given to National Lottery Winners ONLY. These glasses cannot be bought.

I was taking a bath one evening. I adored my bath times, it was the perfect chance to relax, to meditate and to say my affirmations. Just as I was finished saying my affirmations my partner Marina burst in the door shouting, “I think I won something…”. She passed me the phone and with suds in my eyes I began to read the post. We both shrieked with excitement the more I read. Marina had won a competition that the National Lottery were hosting. The prize was to celebrate the National Lottery’s 30th birthday party with them. It also included a night stay in a stunning 5 star hotel in Dublin City and a limousine ride to the RTE studios to be apart of the audience for the Lottery draw and join the birthday celebrations. We were absolutely blown away. I truly felt like this was the universe giving us a taste of the high life that we are trying to attract.

Now to the main point of this story, so we didn’t win the lottery, but one of the gifts presented to us on the night was THE NATIONAL LOTTERY CHAMPAGNE GLASSES. We had no idea this would happen. It’s safe to say Marina and I were smiling from ear to ear. We had manifested those glasses into our lives, they have been on our vision boards for months beforehand and now we owned two of them. This experience not only was great to give us the feelings we needed to summon up during visualizations, but it also gave me a boost in terms of my beliefs in my abilities to attract. If I could attract the glasses. I could attract anything…

The power of I am…

C219EDA3-5886-4934-BBDF-28B014967215Ok so in my last blog I touched briefly on my past and how all of the bad experiences affected my mental health. I suffered with depression and anxiety. I had little or no confidence. I was paranoid at times. At one point I developed agoraphobia. When I eventually could leave the house again I had extreme anxiety in public places. I still had some of these issues last year. Even during my process of “testing out the Law of Attraction”. I had a lot of work to do. I had been to numerous therapists and to be honest I felt like all it did was traumatize me more, having to go over the past and my experiences again and again. I’m not saying therapy doesn’t help. I definitely picked up some really neat self help tools during my sessions but overall it just wasn’t for me.

During my research of the Law of Attraction I discovered the term, “I Am”. I’m sure you may have heard of Affirmations? I never did before until I discovered the wonderful Louise Haye. If you haven’t heard of Affirmations, it’s like making a powerful statement about yourself to yourself, in order to change how you feel about yourself. In order for it to be successful it needs to be done daily at least once. So for example, I was struggling with confidence issues I decided to sit down and write out a list of positive affirmations.

1. I am beautiful
2. I am confident
3. I am attractive
4. I am strong
5. I am talented
6. I am intelligent
7. I am impressive
8. I am successful
9. I am loveable
10. I am happy


I did it everyday so much so it became part of my routine. I knew them off by heart after a couple of days so I began to say them in the shower, whilst I cooked dinner and waiting in line at the shop. Out loud can be more powerful but in public places I decided to say them in my head. Long story short, I kept up all of these new little additions to my routine. It wasn’t until after I interviewed for and started my new job did I realized that a good chunk of my confidence issues had dissolved. I didn’t even feel nervous in the interview. I felt calm and confident. The old me would have cancelled last minute due to anxiety and fear. I walked in and out to work on my own everyday. No problem at all, in fact I really enjoyed the walk. The old me would either not walk anywhere on my own or if I really had to I would have someone with me, I would be sweating, heart racing with clammy palms worrying about what people thought of me, worrying about how I looked and every possible thing that could go wrong on the walk.

This was torture for me for a very long time and now without me even noticing, it was gone. I was free from the crippling anxiety. I believe that it wasn’t just the affirmations though. I believe that a combination of mindfulness, meditation, visualizations, affirmations and setting my intentions helped me towards this amazing result.

Now back to setting my intentions. I mentioned in my last post that I set an intention with clarity and manifested a wonderful win. Sometimes we can want to manifest so many things that we send out a confused message to the universe. When I wanted to work on my confidence I focused 90% of my vision boards, visualizations and affirmations on my ideal version of me. I kept the competition test still going but I spent less time focusing on it. I continued to win competitions which was awesome. But what struck me as strange was the kinds of competitions I won. I wanted to feel good about myself, I wanted to boost my confidence. Around that time I won Spa treatment vouchers, a romantic meal for two in a beautiful hotel, I won vouchers I could spend on new clothes and a haircut. All of these things are known to boost a woman’s confidence. Then I won tickets to a show up in Dublin City. I used to get so stressed thinking about a long commute, especially to a busy city. It felt like the universe was pushing me to do these things that normally made me uncomfortable. Whatever it was, it worked. I became used to spending time in big cities and commuting on busy trains to the point where I now really enjoy it.


At this point the skeptic in me began to back off. Something more powerful was at play here. I would think of something I wanted and in some way, shape or form  it would come to me. But my logical mind still needed to test it out more, what happened next was amazing…




Ask and you shall receive…


Although the first win I mentioned in my previous blog was exciting, I still wasn’t convinced. So I decided to put more effort into my meditations, visualizations and gratitude list. What happened next really blew my mind.

I struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. I was bullied for years by my “best friend” in primary school and secondary school. I had a lot of bad experiences which of course led to some serious negative thinking which then led to attracting a whole world of issues for myself, unknowingly. Over the years I’ve had my ups and downs. I would finally feel like I was getting my life together and a wave of sadness and anxiety would hit me out of the blue, like a tonne of bricks. I would drop what I was doing and succumb to the bad feelings and emotions. It was a tough time and to be honest I still have days that I don’t feel great because of my past. BUT the great thing now is that I am in control, I can pull myself up out of that darkness using the self help tools I picked up along the way.

February 11th 2017, I was sitting with my Mom, sister and partner Marina. We were discussing life and plans. At the time I was feeling myself being sucked back into my depressed state again. I spoke up during the conversation. I expressed how I felt. This was not easy for me. But I’m so glad I did. I told them how I felt in that moment. I felt like I had no future. I literally couldn’t see anything ahead of me in life. I had no sturdy plan or want to achieve anything. My mind was just blank. I felt that this was because I didn’t want a future. I didn’t want to continue living. I cried. My family were wonderful. They listened and offered some advice. In my moment of complete sadness and feeling totally lost I said, “I just want to be happy. I’m not sure if I even know what that feels like. But I want it.”.

This is where it got spooky… the next day February 12th, I was in my bedroom trying to come up with a plan, just something to be doing to distract from my emotions. My sister called me with excitement. I ran down and she said, “Faye, you are after winning a competition.” To be honest I thought she was playing with me. But low and behold, she showed me the post on Facebook. Now, remember my last post on here? How not only did Marina and I manifest a win, but a win that would benefit her health? Well… guess what I won??? I know it’s not the actual thing, but it sure as hell gave me some hope! I won a bottle of essential oils…the name of the oil was “JOY”. I mean, what kind of a coincidence is that?

The night before I was crying and literally stating out loud for all to hear, “I want to be Happy”. If this wasn’t a sign then I don’t know what is. I began to use the essential oil in my diffuser during meditations. After this amazing experience, I began to believe that the JOY essential oil would heighten the affects of my meditations and therefor heighten my manifesting abilities. Oh boy…I was not wrong…

This was my first experience of truly setting my intention with clarity. I’ll discuss more about the importance of setting your intention when trying to attract your dreams in my next post.


The First of Many

So where to next?

In my last post I briefly mentioned our competition wins. To date we are at 88 wins in total. These prizes included money, hotel stays, dinner dates, cinema tickets, concert tickets, a coffee machine, a yogurt maker, Xbox One games, beauty treatments, food hampers and much more! We recently added up the value of our overall wins and its bordering on 10,000 euros now. I know and believe that as I write this another win is on its way.

So how did we do it? I still can’t explain it. I am no Law of Attraction expert, but what I can tell you is what we did do. The changes we made that paved way for the abundance of wins and good fortune in our lives.

I remember the first week. We downloaded a Law of Attraction Meditation App. It was free, the only issue we found was that you had to put up with the introduction
every time we listened to it. We didn’t mind though. After all, it cost us nothing. Part of the meditation requires you to visualize what you want.I remember being concerned about my partners health prior to the session, this must have ended up floating around my subconscious during the meditation, I’ll explain this significance later. I remember visualizing Marina (my partner) and I jumping up and down in celebration. I have entered hundreds of competitions before but never won, so I tried my best to visualize what I thought the scene would look like if we did win. I also tried to summon up excited feelings. It was hard at first but became easier the more I did. We do our meditations at night, its a wonderful way to relax and help you drift off to sleep. It can also heighten your manifestation powers, as we are less resistant in our relaxed and sleeping states. Resistance can block what you are wanting to attract into your life.

The next day, Marina and I got up and went about our usual routine. The only difference this day was that we both wrote down ten things we were grateful for in that moment.
For Example I wrote, “Thank you for wonderful healing sleep. Thank you for my comfortable bed. Thank you for the clothes on my back. Thank you for warmth in my home. Thank you for a roof over my head. Thank you for food in my belly.Thank you for my supportive family. Thank you for my beautiful partner. Thank you for peace in my life. Thank you for my life”. In saying these I felt gratitude. I had never truly felt this before because I had never stopped to take a moment to appreciate the little things in my life. That is one of the issues with the world today. It can be so busy and stressful that it makes it hard for us to see and appreciate the good at times.

Anyways, we went about our day as normal, not really expecting anything. Marina received a notification on her Facebook.  She was randomly selected as the winner of two Craniosacral Vouchers worth 100 euros.

Now back to something I mentioned earlier. We both went to bed that night with the intention to manifest a win but in the back of my mind I was worried about my partners health. We wished to test out the Law of Attraction. Not only did Marina win a competition but she won health treatments.  I guess this was the Universes way of hitting two birds with one stone.

Marina went on to use these vouchers and experienced some amazing health benefits from the treatments. We have also made a new friend out of this, the wonderful Fiona. Who has lead us towards other wonderful opportunities. This was our first win and although it was amazing to experience and should have been a deciding factor for me at the time, I still doubted it. My logical mind kept saying, “It’s just a coincidence”. Needless to say, my partner was frustrated with me over this. But…I remember saying, “If this is the Law of Attraction in Action, then I’m sure we wont have a problem winning another competition….

I was willing to test it out again. I am so glad I did…

New Beginnings

Some of you may be aware of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne or have heard of the term “The Law of Attraction”. I remember my first introduction to both of these and thinking, “It must be a load of BS.” It was my partner who introduced me to the world of The Secret. At first I thought, “Damn, I really like this woman, now I’ll have to get her committed”… All in Jest of course! I’m a logical thinker, I believe in science, I would  normally be quite skeptical. I would need to see some kind of physical evidence before I would agree with something. I can also be quite stubborn! One of my many wonderful Libra charms. For days my partner kept trying to get me to listen to these “Law of Attraction Guru’s” and to be honest I would feel very irritated from just listening to them. I felt as if they were promising already desperate people unrealistic ways to live their lives. I felt as if people were being taken advantage of in their already vulnerable positions. It didn’t make sense to me that they were offering a means to completely get rid of debt, to win the lottery or attract your dream Job with little or no effort. I really did feel it was a Scam. I wanted nothing to do with it…

But I loved my partner, I saw how much she truly believed in this thing and I wanted us to work. So I said I would give The Law of Attraction a chance. Like I said, I need physical proof in order to believe something. So I spoke with my partner and decided to devise a plan. How might we to try to prove these unrealistic claims people like Abraham Hicks and Dr. Joe Vitale were making? So we put our heads together.  After a lengthy conversation, we both decided that neither of us had ever won a competition. We agreed that the chances of winning a “randomly selected winner” type of competition would be impossible to win once let alone multiple times. This was our starting point… We researched further, gathering a list of the law of Attraction do’s and don’ts. We began incorporating these into our everyday life. One step at a time. We didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves with too many time consuming tasks. I was excited to prove my partner wrong… Little did I know what would happen next…

I’ve decided to record my journey here online, in the hopes of sharing our findings to inspire others. In my next post I will delve deeper into the small positive changes we made in our lives that lead to Approximately €10,000 worth of wins in one year.